This bespoke competition, in partnership with Canon, will award omnichannel marketing excellence from emerging creative talent at the vanguard of customer-centric communications. Our mission is to prove the powerful role of print, bringing together industry stakeholders to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the changing world of media and marketing. And we want to champion those at the forefront of new ideas that are purpose and sustainability-driven, and combine data and creativity to deliver measurable impact.  



The competition is designed for students and junior creatives across the UK, predominantly in the marketing and creative industries, but all backgrounds are welcome

Expectations  - what judges will be looking for

  • Clear strategic, data-driven thinking combined with creativity and innovation
  • Alignment to the brand’s core purpose and guidelines (see below for more info)
  • Planning for multiple touchpoints - You will need to show the customer journey throughout your marketing campaign explaining what those channels and touchpoints are, and why they’re important. Your entry must include at least 1 element of letterbox printed media
  • At least 2-3 variations of personalisation in your creative to reflect dynamic messaging based on how you plan to segment different audiences and target them
  • Consideration of the environmental impact of your campaign execution    

Evaluation criteria and objectives:
Your entry will be judged and weighted against the following criteria in line with the overall objectives for the competition:

  • 25% - Drive traffic to the YMCA website and encourage online donations
  • 25% -  Demonstrate the power of print in the omnichannel marketing mix, with consideration of how print can be personalised to meet the client’s objectives
  • 15% - Creative and copy must address the barriers to engagement outlined in the business challenge
  • 10% - Increase the appeal of YMCA to a younger audience (Gen Z/Millennials)
  • 10% - Utilise creativity to appeal to this younger audience, whilst still promoting YMCA’s services and core principals
  • 10% - Get people thinking differently about YMCA as a brand
  • 5% - Promote YMCA’s ESG credentials (ie. sustainable impact, mental health)
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